Why I work in hospice

"Hospice? Oh my God, I could never do that."

No, you probably couldn't, that's why I do. My "day job" involves me traveling home to home across three or four counties, helping terminally ill people do things we take for granted. Getting dressed, taking a bath, having someone wash their hair, and usually washing other less savory bits. It's not for everyone, and sometimes, it's not for me either. It's a lot of body fluids and raw emotions. Yes, I have had people die while I was there, and I have seen nearly every rotten thing a body can do to itself.

So why have I worked in hospice for five years and then some? Because of days like today. Woke up to a little black cloud hovering over me, been looming for days. My first patient of the day canceled, so I went to see the next patient on my list.

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