bringing it all together

In the beginning stages of this project, it's interesting to see how the photography inspires the poetry and vice versa. I wanted to combine the two mediums into a narrative of depth that I didn't feel I could achieve with only one or the other.

More and more I see how a particular photo brings to mind some of my unfinished poetry. Like any poet, I have so many pieces that I have started, stopped, revised, or forgotten, just little fragments of my brain left behind. I am feeling that being able to combine an image may do more justice to some of these poems than words alone could.

One poetry piece, in particular, I have struggled with over the course of a year.  I just couldn't figure out how to evoke the images I was looking for with words alone.  I went out one evening to shoot in a cemetery, and seeing some of the beautiful and haunting sculpted headstones recalled that piece. I was able to see that with one picture, I could set the entire scene and boil that poem down to it's essence. I think this is all working out better than I originally planned.


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