Thoughts on the process I

Thoughts on the process

I don't always have the poetry in mind when I shoot pictures. Some pictures I take simply because I can see the symbolic value they have for me, others I just shoot because they interest me somehow. As I edit and alter the photos, however, it seems the purposefully taken ones never seem to work out as well as the random ones. I am just taking and editing pictures to gather a pool to draw from when I am really ready to write and make a cohesive storyline. I keep wondering how much the story in my head is going to deviate when I complete the pictures.

I resisted digital photography for so long, and thought editing beyond cropping and taking the red eye out was damn near criminal. When I first got into shooting pictures, I had some little, long lost, Kodak camera that took those cheesy panoramic shots. I don't even remember what sort of film it used, but I did like the black and white, and I was pleased with the pictures. I have always been a very make-due sort of person, poverty necessitates it, so when John gave me his digital camera, I was determined to use it to it's maximum potential. All of these pictures have been shot with a Canon PowerShot SD 500. Then I found a web based photo editor, Picnik, which really changed the way I felt about digital editing. I was able to bring all the photos that I imagined to fruition, and stop feeling like I was, well...cheating.


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Debra Condren

Cool blog and photography, Marcie! Especially love the How many stories before I fall? imgagery. The black and white-esque background is evocotive of film in a dark room. I assume that's what you were going for? (You're probably saying, 'Duh!') Congrats! Look foward to following your work.

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