the decision

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decrepit spring morning

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fire horse


The poem I wrote at the Laundromat this morning

I toss my assortment
of candy colored panties
towards the open mouth
of the industrial size dryer

The not-so-old man
two dryers over
stares hard and greedy
as if I am throwing
handfuls of sweets from
a parade float
missing him

so...where have you been?

I haven't been posting new photos for awhile now and yesterday someone asked where I've been... so here's what's been going on:


I've been using a point and shoot for the last year. Yes, every photo on here was taken with a lil ol' point and shoot...but I found that I was starting to hit a wall. Some shots are just not possible- my vision was starting to be hampered by my equipment. So, I waited very impatiently for my tax return and bought new equipment- a Canon Rebel xsi, a bunch of lenses and filters, including a lot of new Lensbaby toys.

A DSLR is a much more advanced camera than a point and shoot, so the main reason I haven't been posting is that I am learning how to use my new stuff.

2. RUT!

Another reason I've been on hiatus is that looking back over the past year of photography, (and I really only have been shooting seriously for a year) I see all my amatuer mistakes and it's driving me slightly crazy. Does EVERY photo I edit need focal soften and a vignette? Apparently I thought so at one point. John was gracious enough to state that every artist goes through "phases," but somehow Picasso's Blue Period doesn't seem to match up to my past zeal for focal soften. I can do better than this.


I bought the new camera in time for our trip to Texas, so I had the opportunity to practice a lot with it on the road. The Texas trip did several things for me: I was able to meet and spend time with some truly amazing creative people (Mary Anne Davis, Emily of Texas, and Hugh MacLeod among many, many others). I also got a lot of positive feedback on my work from people whose work I highly respect. That made a big difference in how I decided to pursue some upcoming projects.

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museum crow



I remember the day I brought her home from the store, I was three years old. I have loved her ever since.




watercolor sunrise

This is a combination of two different photos, I love the soft watercolor effect that came out:


have mercy

This one is unedited (except for resizing) just for my fellow Shutter Sisters:


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