Playing in the studio

Spending the Memorial Day weekend with my boyfriend John, who does all kinds of cool metalwork. Got to try out his plasma cutter and made this guy:


I was really hesitant at first, the plasma cutter makes a lot of sparks and, well, I hate to be on fire. The welding goggles are cool though, makes me feel like a bad ass, which I kinda am sometimes.

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Buggin' out

Been learning some more of the features on Picnik, my favorite photo editor, and taking lots of pictures of insects. I am finding that using the black and white brush feature makes these little guys pop (not pop in a squishy way, eww). You can also see my Flickr Picnik set here.

The itsy bitsy spider...


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Road Signs

Some pics of road signs from my photo expedition this morning  (all edited with Picnik, of course). I think they look rather apocalyptic. Click through for the bigger pics, they look much better:

DO NOT PASS. I REALLY MEAN IT. Oh, well, maybe just this once.


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you must be mistaken


robots from the future

These guys were hanging out on my deck yesterday, a pair of praying mantises (manti?) I love how they look like futuristic robo-bugs...



the lost book


Vargas in Vegas

Here is my brain on Las Vegas...Had a good time at BlogWorld 2008, had some excellent adventures with some excellent people, rode more escalators then I knew even existed, and didn't even spend a solitary dime at the casinos.


More Las Vegas

Had some adventures in Las Vegas, one of which was going to Red Square, a Russian restaurant at the Mandalay Bay resort. The restaurant features an ice bar, a room chilled to five degrees where they keep their vast vodka collection. One of our dinner companions, Lee LeFever, graciously treated us to the experience, so we all donned giant Russian coats and hats and went on in.

Here is Chris Carfi, me, and the vodka hostess in the ice bar. I was freezing, but it really wasn't colder than any winter Michigan day.


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i will never starve


tiny earthquakes

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